Dylan Kay is a New York based musician who sings, plays guitar, electric bass, and drums. Dylan has sang and performed with Robby Krieger from The Doors, as well as wrote all the lyrics and music, and played all the instruments on his debut album.  He has been doing music as a profession for over 12 years. Dylan lives and breathes music. By day he writes music, works on books and other content, and by night he performs his Pink Floyd tribute band, and with various other local and non-local artists including the area's finest wedding and club date band, The Counterfeiters. Dylan's most famous student Grace Vanderwaal competed in and won America's got talent in September 2016.  In addition, Dylan is producing Sam Waymon, the brother of Nina Simone's next album. His experience is vast, and varies from performances, recording, writing books, teaching lessons, and much more. Keep an eye on this guy, he is always up to something musical!

Dylan live at B.B. Kings


Photographer: Brian Evans